Education at a whole new level

UL Education intends to enter into Global education scenario at School and College level and is planning to establish International School and finishing school for improving the employability of students.

About Us

The Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society (ULCCS), one of the largest Labour Cooperative Societies in Asia, is based at Kozhikode, Kerala, India and excels in Quality, Sincerity and Honesty. The member owned and member controlled cooperative Society has been in the forefront of infrastructure development in Kerala, India, since 1925. ULCCS has diversified in to other areas. UL CyberPark is the only Special Economic Zone in India set up by a Labour Contract Cooperative Society. ULCCS also owns a fast growing IT Services Company named UL Technology Solutions. ULCCS Foundation envisages to address the underprivileged sections of the society through various activities. ULCCS’s vision is to create a skill based society through skill development programmes and identified a skill gap between required and available skills. Filling this gap will improve employability. Major focus will be on improving employability skills among students and potential stakeholders.

Development of a Nation depends on the development of its Infrastructure- Physical and Intellectual. Further such nation building work should be inclusive so as to benefit all sections of the society. As nation is gearing for a fast and voluminous growth in Infrastructure, ULCCS has felt the need for playing a key role in developing intellectual infrastructure to supplement its yeomen services in physical infrastructure development. The nine decades of proven experience, repute and dedication of ULCCS Ltd in nation building, could prove invaluable in charting a new path for developing quality manpower to steer the nation to higher echelons of growth. UL-Education is conceptualised to realise this vision of ULCCS to play a revolutionary role in nation building by venturing into intellectual infrastructure building through UL Education.

ULCCS intends to provide major thrust to education through UL Education. UL Education envisages promoting education at school, higher secondary, under graduate and graduate level.

Our mission

UL Education will establish lasting relationships with the stakeholders by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance. To have a trained workforce who deliver the best services at fair prices with highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships.

Our vision

To develop a co-operative work culture and sustainability.

To mark an improvement in the employability skills among students and potential stakeholders.

To work as a total solution provider in the areas of IT services, education, skill development and entrepreneurship.

To provide the youth of Kerala with all that they should possess to be skilled employable youth.

To bring a face lift to the teaching culture in the public education culture of Kerala.