MAPLE is an educational initiative by UL Education, a division under ULCCS Charitable and Welfare Foundation with the main objective to convert two schools in Madappally, Vadakara to Centers of Excellence in Education and to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitude of students, teachers and parents. It envisaged academic empowerment and the overall personality development of a student.

The two schools are namely, Government Vocational Higher Secondary School, Madapally and Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Madapally which comprises two high schools, two higher secondary schools, and a vocational higher secondary school. The schools have a large population of 3617 students in total where 60% among them belong to poor socioeconomic backgrounds. Most of them belong to the fishermen family as the schools lie in a coastal area near to the Arabian sea.

A consultative workshop was conducted in the schools on 21st September, 2017 for teachers and parents following a SWOT analysis and a series of brainstorming sessions which came up with the conclusion that an immediate intervention was required in many areas which were grouped under 5 broad categories:- teacher training, subject-based interventions classroom, library and lab infrastructure, Auxiliary facilities and extracurricular activities & awareness sessions. Further communication with teachers regarding the objectives and implementation of the programme was done on 25th October and 14th December of 2017.

Objectives and methodology

The programme had 15 main objectives which empowered improving English communication, computer proficiency, analytical skills in learning science, language skills, humanities, business studies, vocational studies, general knowledge, reading habits, art and sports, extracurricular activities. It envisaged generating friendly teaching and learning ecosystem within and without the campus, a green campus and management skills in environmental issues, self-analysis, career decision, palliative care, skill development and innovation in ICT. In addition attempts are on the way to tap CSR funds from corporates for various MAPLE activities.BPCL has sanctioned Rs. 50 lakhs from its CSR 2018 – 2019 fund for MAPLE project.

The brainstorming sessions and workshops came up with 25 overall interventions required and summed up into 5 main categories and appropriate solutions were given:-

The teachers from these schools were given quality training in the English language as well as other subjects and communication techniques by the internationally reputed organizations such as the British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

English and Mathematics seemed tough subjects for students and special training were provided for students and teachers. A state-of-the-art-language lab and online resources were set up for better English communication. A special panel of practicing/retired school/college teachers was formed for special mathematics training for needy students, gifted students, and Upper Primary teachers. Special coaching for entrance preparation, analytical and logical skill development was also part of the project.

Classroom benches and desks, other furniture, digital library, computer labs, and hardware were installed.

A green campus, vegetable garden, waste management system, sanitation, and girl-friendly toilets, Public address systems, Uninterrupted Power Supply, drinking water facilities were provided.

Awareness programmes for potential beneficiaries were carried out by prominent personalities from the field of administration, education, business, politics etc on public health and hygiene, exam preparation, future technologies, drug and alcohol abuse, child psychology and counselling, children with special needs, yoga, stress management, General knowledge, environment conservation, art & culture, entrepreneurship and startups, etc.

Target Group and Team for the project


UP & High school -2427
VHS - 237
HSS -953
Total- 3617


GVHSS high school- 49
GVHSS higher secondary- 24
GVHSS vocational- 19
GGHSS high school -42
GGHSS higher secondary- 21
Total- 155

There were special executive committee and project team members nominated by principals of the respective schools for each objective implementation and monitoring.

Output/Outcome and Impact assessment

A causal model impact assessment was done. In order to measure the impact of the intervention of this project, the current state Of the students on all these parameters was measured through surveys and focus group discussions with teachers and parents. Some of the parameters was also measured using objective data such as analytical, Computer, general knowledge and language skill tests, student grades, performance in competitive examinations, participation and success in arts and Sports competitions, number of instances of drug/alcohol abuse, number of Students using library, computer labs and other facilities etc.

The Outcomes was measured in four domains such as inputs, activities, output, and outcome.

  • Infrastructure availability and campus beautification
  • All the 5 schools were provided required desktops with UPS, teacher’s table, students’ desk with book rack, students’ bench with backrest, training chairs and shelves.

    BPCL has agreed to release the next 50 lakhs from its CSR funds for computers, biodiversity park and girls toilets. The MOU for the second installment is expected to sign in October 2019. The biodiversity park will be made in collaboration with the Botanical Garden, University of Calicut.

    A complete cleaning and beautification drive has started in August 2019, with the cooperation of renowned organization ‘NIRAVU’ Vengeri. The first phase of the clean campus drive will be completed on November 1st, 2019.

  • Enrollment
  • In the academic year 2019 – 2020, the enrollment of students has improved significantly. 9 additional divisions (5 in UP and 4 in HSS) has been opened in GVHSS Madappally due to higher enrollment.

  • Mathematics – program for students with poor academic records
  • An experimental program designed for UP School students with lack of interest and poor grades in Mathematics to root out the cause and to design a remedial strategy to it. The crew was headed by Dr.E.Krishnan, Textbook committee chairman SCERT and Retired HOD, Mathematics Department.

    Around 25 students were selected for the first phase of the program. Special study materials and ICT tools were provided for the 5-day workshop conducted in 2 spells. 30 hours of training were provided to the students as well as the UP School teachers handling mathematics.

    The outcome was a tremendous change in the attitude of students towards the subject and marks obtained in examinations. The pattern is utilized for teachers’ training presently.

  • Learning Science through Demonstrations
  • 2 days training program for secondary and higher secondary school teachers in Physics subject through lecture demonstrations and three 2-day lectures for selected high school and higher secondary students by Mr. Ravikumar from Chennai.The first set of tools (6 tools related to mechanics in Physics) for lecture-demonstration in classrooms were prepared by the end of the training and guidance to use it was also carried out.

  • English speaking skills improvement programme
  • The course module is prepared through content development workshops conducted by experts. The course is conducted for all 8th standard Malayalam medium students. Two full-time faculties were recruited and the course was enriched with audio, video, and animations. Each batch underwent a 10 days classroom sessions and additional online interactions with teachers. Students undergoing the course acquired speaking and listening proficiency in English. An evaluation session by experts is expected in December.

  • Foundation course for meritorious high school students in Science and Mathematics
  • About forty 8th standard students were selected through a screening test in the consecutive two years and provided a 100-hour course with special classes on Saturdays. In the second year, an evaluation was conducted and a 150 hour course was again designed which is currently running. Students appeared for national level competitive exams in the history of the Madapally school.

  • Training programs for competitive exams
  • Special coaching and scholarships are being given for selected students who are appearing for National Merit Cum Means Scholarship entrance, National Talent Search Examination, National Entrances for Integrated PG program in humanities and for Engineering and Medical Entrances.

  • Training is provided for interested students in python programming, app development and other advanced technologies.
  • Kalari practice for girls
  • Selected 60 girls from the 5 schools were given special training for 70 days in Kalaripayattu under guidance of Padmasree Meenakshi Amma Guruckal and team in the evening. A documentary featuring this programme titled “chuvadumattam” is available on Youtube.

  • Volleyball and Table Tennis training
  • Evening practices for table tennis and volleyball for 15 boys and 25 girls are held regularly since May 1, 2019 aiming at the District Sports Competition. The table tennis teams have been qualified for state-level competition arranged by District Table Tennis Association.

  • Music Band and Theatre group
  • Theatre group with 42 students and music band of 25 students were formed and coaching/workshops were given by experts.

  • MAPLE has been regularly organizing seminars, tips for exam preparation, career guidance programs and interaction with eminent personalities.