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Fulbright Scholarship and Fellowship programme offers excellent opportunities for researchers

Fulbright Scholarship and Fellowship programme offers excellent opportunities for researchers;
says Mrs.Lalitha Nageswari, Programme Manager, United States India Education Foundation
(USIEF). Mrs.Lalitha made this statement while delivering a presentation on Fulbright Nehru
and other Fulbright fellowship opportunities as part of the Webinar organized jointly by USIEF
and UL Education of ULCCS Ltd on 23 rd July 2020. Fulbright Fellowship and Scholarship
programme offers funding for higher education and research in various disciplines including
Agricultural sciences, Anthropology, Bioengineering, Climate change sciences, Computer
science, Energy studies, International law, Materials science, Mathematical sciences, Public
Phealth, physical sciences, Neurosciences, Public policy, Sociology, Urban planning, Women’s
and Gender studies, etc.
Fulbright programme includes Fulbright-Nehru Masters, Doctoral, Post Doctoral research,
academic and professional excellence fellowships, International education administrator
seminar, Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant programme, Fulbright distinguished
awards in teaching for international teachers, Fulbright teaching excellence and achievement
programme and Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship programme. Fulbright grant provides monthly
stipend, health insurance and applicable allowances, round the trip economy class air travel
and tuition fee. Thorough home work is required while applying for the Fulbright fellowships.
Application can be submitted through online.
Researchers registered for Doctoral programmes at an Indian institution can apply for Fulbright-
Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships. Faculty and researchers who have PhD or DM degree
between July 16, 2016 and September 15, 2020 can apply for Fulbright Nehru postdoctoral
research fellowships which is of 8-24 months duration. Fulbright Nehru academic and
professional excellence fellowships will come under Flex awards and its duration will be of 4-6
months as two segments. Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship programme provides research
fellowship in different areas including contagious and infectious diseases and international
religious freedom. Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant programme of 9 months
duration provides excellent opportunities for English teachers.
Usually Fulbright programme will be announced during January of every year. Application
deadline will be from May to mid September. Screening of the applications will take place
during June- August months. Short listed candidates will be called for National interviews
during August- November months. Grant terms will be issued from May- January months.
Selected candidates will be given J-1 visas for which visa processing can be done during July.

Fulbright applications can be submitted through online. While preparing the applications
follow instructions and adhere to word limits, submit a clear and complete project statement
that reflects the purpose and intent, ensure that qualifications and expertise should match the
project objectives, identification of potential host institutions in US, how the project will benefit
the host institution?, country and demonstrate preparedness to connect past experience.
Research proposal must be clear with detailed description of research objectives, demonstrate
the significance of the project, time frame, convergence with the objectives and selection of
corresponding US Universities. Application should be accompanied by three reference reports
and updated curriculum vitae.
Selection criteria depends on academic credentials and professional ability, merit of the
proposed Fulbright project, need to conduct research in US, outcomes, potential impact and
benefits, motivation, seriousness of purpose, maturity, leadership, cultural adaptability,
communication skill and commitment to community, etc
Chairman of ULCCS Sri.Rameshan Paleri during the presidential address suggested the students
to explore the emerging opportunities through Fulbright funding programme. Director of UL
education Dr. T.P.Sethumadhavan during his introductory speech suggested that increasing cost
of overseas education motivates students to apply for appropriate funding sources. Thorough
planning will facilitate students to prepare grant application for 2021-22. Contact info-