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ULCCS to collaborate with IITs

ULCCS delegation under the leadership of Chairman Sri.Rameshan paleri visited IIT, Chennai and IIT, Tirupati campuses from 19th to 20th January 2018. ULCCS team held discussions with Prof. Devdas Menon and Dr.Meher Prasad of Structural Engineering departments of IIT, Chennai. IIT Scientists along with Sri.Gopinath, GFRG consultant explained the relevance of GFRG construction in prefab construction works and visited some of the apartments constructed at IIT Chennai campus with the use of GFRG technology.

During the visit to IIT, TIrupati campus, ULCCS officials held discussions with Prof.K.N.Satyanarayana, Director of IIT, Tirupati. Professor Satyanarayana explained the importance of GFRG technology and suggested that new IIT, Tirupati campus will have more number of GFRG based pre fab constructions. ULCCS team visited the propsed new campus and GFRG construction activities in the campus. Sri. Rameshan Paleri, Chairman, ULCCS Ltd suggested that ULCCS is interested to pursue collaborations with IIT, Chennai and IIT, Tirupati in the areas of advanced courses in GFRG technology, skill development, Graduate ship programmes, MOOC programmes including technical collaboration for National Skill Park and Indian institute of Infrastructure and Construction. Chairman SHri. Rameshan paleri, Managing Director Sri.Shaju. S, Director, UL Education Dr.T.P.Sethumadhavan, CEO Project Smt.Neena. and senior officials of ULCCS along with Prof.Devdas menon and Professor Mehar Prasad of IIT, Chennai visited the campus.